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e l l e S C E N E

when is a door not a door?

31 July 1988
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{ j o u r n a l I N F O }

ELLESCENE \el'le*seen\, elle adj. : age old, scene n. : something seen by a viewer; a view or prospect.

this journal is friends only. comment/add me and i will add you back. if i don't add you, then i either don't know who the hell you are or i have something seriously against you. no hard feelings, right?

lights, camera, action. i think i’m going for it this time. there’s something you should listen to. could I take you for a car ride? this is the soundtrack for our movie. would you tell me when we get to the best part? i’ll play it for you. oh no, i think i’ve lost this one. can we try again? well i’m a wreck. i really can’t explain it but i— i hear the music when i look at you. orchestrating the song to accommodate the moment. well, i’m so in love with you.

are you looking for an answer? because i could really use a friend tonight. we can make this last forever. we don’t have to fear the sunlight...

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